At EMC Controls in Hunt Valley, MD, future members of CEG designed and developed flexible distributed fault-tolerant minicomputer and microprocessor-based products for the process control industry, typically priced in the millions of dollars. The award-winning D/3 distributed process control system, first released in 1982, is still a successful product today under the successor company, NovaTech Process Solutions. CEG has expert knowledge of parallel processing, databases relational and otherwise, and high speed distributed processing.

Customers included Exxon, Aramco, Miller Beer, Owens Corning Fiberglass, National Iranian Oil Company, Polaroid, GE Plastics, American Can Company, Kellogg’s, and various power-generation plants.

CEG has provided software consulting services to companies mostly in the process control and medical instrumentation industries. Clients include Rexnord Automation, Texas Instruments, GSE Systems, NovaTech Process Solutions, CPRC, Becton Dickinson, Fife, and Intellution.

In previous employment, CEG members provided custom software for a variety of industries, including forest survey database, shipment tracking and billing, inventory management and optimization, and accounting. Clients included the U.S. National Forest Service, trucking companies, and carpet and appliance distributors.

CEG has expert knowledge of PCs, including setup, repair, virus removal, and upgrading.

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