Computer Engineering Group specializes in designing and implementing websites for non-profits and small businesses. We know how vitally important it is to capture the spirit of an organization in its public image online.

Starting in 1995, when websites were written using a simple HTML text editor, through today’s sophisticated web design tools, CEG has extensive experience. We typically use WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) primarily due to its power, flexibility, and extensibility. Some estimates show WordPress powering more than 40% of all websites.

CEG can take on as much or as little of a project as desired. From square zero (registering a domain name and obtaining web hosting) to design and implementation to post-completion support, updates, and maintenance, CEG can tailor assistance to fit the needs and capabilities of your organization.

The first step to an online identity is selecting a domain name — your “dot org,” “dot com,” or other. CEG can help pick the best name and take care of all registration details. Whether or not CEG registers the name for you, we can handle subsequent annual renewals.
Selecting a web host is vitally important to maintaining a vibrant online presence. CEG will work within your budget to find affordable hosting that meets your needs. We can handle annual renewals as well.
Successful website design incorporates your organization’s identity in the form of logos, photos, and other graphics. CEG has the experience to design that identity from the ground up.
There are many themes (skins/templates) available for WordPress. Selecting the best one takes time to get it right: The theme must be responsive so your website will display equally well on desktop monitors, tablets, and smartphones; it must also be actively under development so that new versions are released periodically to fix critical security bugs, ensure compatibility with new versions of WordPress, and add new features. CEG will find the right theme from among the bewildering array of possibilities.
Selecting a theme isn’t the end of a design. Customization is critical to set your website apart from all others using the same theme. Our knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP gives us the ability to create a unique website for your organization.
Although WordPress is user-friendly and easy to learn how to add new content, CEG is always available to handle that ongoing job for those who do not wish to deal with it or don’t have time.
WordPress, themes, and plugins have periodic updates. Some are critical to implement to eliminate newly-discovered security issues. Others provide less important bug fixes and new features. CEG can handle this chore for you and make sure that none of the updates cause conflicts or other problems with the website.
Besides periodic software updates, you may want changes and additions to your website. CEG can be available to take care of this important function.
Have a question about your website? Did you forget how to accomplish a task in adding new content? Or maybe you want advice in purchasing a new laptop. CEG is accessible to our customers via email and phone to provide answers.
CEG can provide training if your organization wants to maintain your website, add content, and/or monitor traffic.
Email is an integral part of every organization’s daily routine. CEG can help set up email accounts, provide anti-spam solutions, integrate multiple email addresses using Gmail or Yahoo, and provide automatic forwarding.
Often disaster recovery is not addressed until it’s too late. CEG can implement a website backup solution to protect your valuable site from server failure, malicious hacking and malware infections, or just accidental file deletion. Backups should not be an afterthought — they should be an integral part of your online strategy.
“I just have a small website. I don’t need to worry about security.”

Wrong! Even small sites with no database of credit card numbers or other sensitive information are continual targets for hackers. They are looking for  servers they can compromise to act as zombies in distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), a place to install spam programs that can operate undetected, or even replace your site with a storefront selling illegal drugs. All CEG websites have security built in from day one.

Everyone wants to be at the top of the search engine results. Nobody can promise that, but CEG can help improve your website’s visibility in Google and other search engines.

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